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Our Programs

The Women's Democracy Network's programming is locally-driven and designed in collaboration with our members—creating the conditions for sustainable impact.

Sharing Success and Learning from Challenges

In 2018, we brought together young women leaders from eight Middle East countries and provided skills-building opportunities that centered on advocacy and community organizing. Sora Alghazaly, a young woman from Iraq who helps women who were abused, enslaved and forcibly displaced by ISIS, joined us for the training. During the workshop she shared her successes and challenges: “Sharing my stories with the rest of the group made me feel affirmation and solidarity with the other women as many of us have shared similar experiences—I felt incredibly proud of their resilience.”

Supporting Women Candidates in Sri Lanka

To address the under-representation of women at the local level, Sri Lanka passed a gender quota. Though the gender quota demonstrated an attempt to rewrite the false narrative that women could not lead, we know it takes empowered women leaders to change perceptions.

In response, we equipped Sri Lankan female candidates and elected officials with tools to become effective and sustainable leaders in their communities. Our trainings focused on three main areas of governing: developing an agenda, building a coalition and liaising with constituents. Local trainers also provided an overview of a councilor’s roles and responsibilities in the Sri Lankan context.

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4 Pillars

The Four Pillars
of WDN Programming

Invite women to participate in political processes

We introduce women to different avenues to engage in the political and civic process.

Increase the number of women leaders

We support women in pursuing their ambition in becoming leaders in their community.

Build the capacity of women leaders

We empower women leaders to effect change, respond to the needs of their communities and inspire a new generation of women leaders. 

Increase women’s inclusion in transitional political processes

We encourage women to have a voice in conflict resolution and peace processes.