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Our Stories

Our Stories

WDN members hail from a variety of backgrounds.

Our network gives members a global platform through which to share their unique experiences supporting women's empowerment within their home countries and connect with other like-minded women leaders. Read their stories below.

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Hana's Story

Photo of Hana Hamood AbbasHana Hamood Abbas from Iraq is currently the director of the Public Aid Office in Baghdad. Hana and her team are implementing initiatives in Iraq which is not only recovering from war but also combating The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"Iraqi women have suffered greatly after several wars and from harsh, constrictive societal traditions. My work focuses on increasing Iraqi women’s knowledge of their rights, raising their awareness of opportunities to work and get involved, and working to change the discrimination stereotype against women."

Read Hana's story here. 

Valentina's Story

ValentinaValentina Díaz Estévez from Argentina is a public accountant and a mediator. Through WDN and IRI's Generation Democracy, Valentina had the opportunity to participate in the first Generation Democracy Regional Academy in Panama with other young leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean.

"I can affirm that the concrete test to detect true transformations in communities is political participation or involvement in civic organizations. There is no better way than to involve yourself in activities that generate impact and social change."

Read Valentina's story here.